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Money Saving Tips for Travel

January 8, 2021 • Alicia

Once travelling for a holiday is allowed again, it will feel amazing to go exploring new places, but travel can be quite pricey and you may have a tight budget. If you are looking for a few ways to save, on your next holiday here are a few handy tips.

1. Plan off-peak trips. Everything from airfare, hotels and entertainment venues can be more expensive during Peak times of the year.

2. Bring your own food or snacks on a flight. As long as they are sealed and are not liquid, they can get through security.

3. Save on baggage fees. Why not pack light and wear your most bulky items on your travel days so they do not take up extra space in your luggage.

4. Use local communal transportation. Getting taxis from the airport to your hotel can be a huge chunk of money. Try planning your route so that you use a bus or train (depending on convenience and price) and also walking some of that journey so you can see more of your destination.

5. Don’t eat out for every meal! Try going to the local grocery stores and buying things like snacks, drinks or certain meals that you can have at your hotel. This will save SO much money.

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